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Trainer Analytics

Decisions about where to enter and when to declare are important considerations for owners and trainers. For larger yards it can be a challenge to stay on top of all the options for entry and declaration.

We have developed an easy to use App, tailored specifically for each client, that helps with the entry and declaration process.  There are four modules: Entry Analysis, Declaration Analysis, Performance Analysis & Jockey Ratings.


The App is designed with simplicity in mind and will help trainers save valuable time whilst improving decision making.


Entry Analysis

We classify all GB and Irish racecourses into a number of different categories. In addition to the more obvious categories such as left or right-handed, galloping, testing and so on, we use our run style database to classify courses as favouring front runners or hold-up horses.

We use the previous race record of every horse in the yard to calculate a racing profile per horse. We arrive at each racing profile by looking at the characteristics of the tracks where it has run well and run badly.

Handicap marks and other race qualifying criteria such as age, race distance preferences are added to the racing profile of each horse.

To identify suitable races for each horse in the yard, we match the programme book with its racing profile. All qualifying races are rated for suitability in an easy to use App.

Trainers can use this information to help decide on where to make race entries.


Declaration Analysis

We provide a range of information to help decide on whether to declare


We calculate the expected strength of each race, taking into account a range of information including past form, field size limits, race class and the running plans of the horses entered.


We provide race cards with detailed information about each horse entered, including ratings, last race comments, running styles and running plans, including whether horses entered are declared elsewhere.


The race strength information, allied with detailed race cards, give trainers the information they need at their fingertips to enable horses to be declared in the most suitable race.


Performance Analysis & Attribution

We provide a comprehensive analysis of performance via easy to use graphs and traffic light reports.


Performance can be broken down by age group, gender, distance categories, going types and so on.


For yards split into different barns, performance can also be analysed at the barn level.


Jockey Ratings

We have ratings for every jockey at every course.


These ratings are particularly useful when there are runners at multiple tracks on the same day, or jockeys are needed at short notice.

Client List

Client references are available on request.

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