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Breeze-up Sales

Breeze-up sales provide an excellent opportunity to assess the ability of the horses offered for sale. Prospective buyers are given the opportunity to record breeze times, calculate stride lengths, judge action, listen out for wind problems and assess general demeanour.

We offer a breeze-up sales service that incorporates pedigree, times, demeanour and stride length information to produce a detailed assessment per lot.

We use state of the art timing gates and sophisticated video analysis as part of our approach.


Our Proprietary Analytics

We have a proprietary database of thousands of breeze times collected from previous breeze-up sales seasons.


We have a proprietary pedigree model, used by clients at the yearling sales, to assign an expected rating to each lot based upon pedigree.


We link every breeze time to pedigree to give a unique understanding of how well a horse breezed in the context of its pedigree.


We link every breeze time to consignor to give a unique assessment of consignor house styles.


We link breeze times, racecourse performance and sales venue to give an unrivaled insight into the characteristics of each sales venue.


The information in our database, allied with our expertise in data analysis and horseracing, enables us to provide a unique perspective on buying at the Breeze-up sales.


What We Do At The Sales

Each client has their own requirements at the breeze-up sales – these typically include budget, pedigree preferences, precocity and potential. Typical requirements would include a focus on the progeny of certain sires, focusing on particular consignors, aiming at the 2 year old races at Royal Ascot, or wanting a horse that will progress as a 3 year old.


At the sales we time every breeze and update our proprietary database with time, sire and consignor information. We also assess the manner in which each horse gallops during its breeze and calculate stride lengths.


We then integrate client requirements with our detailed proprietary analysis to produce a rating for every horse in the sale, with ratings incorporating our proprietary pedigree ratings, consignor and breeze information. We also provide success odds of winning maiden and stakes races.


Advantages For Clients

Substantial time-saving in scouting a list of potential purchases


A buying process which is transparent, rational and evidence-based


The buyer controls the selection process


The buyer is able to utilise a unique approach focusing on value


Our service is available as hard copy and an App with search and sort facilities soon after the breeze section of the sale is over


Client List

Client references are available on request.

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